Professional Accounts Service, Inc. is a debt collection agency, this is an attempt to collect a debt any information obtained will be used for this purpose.

Secure Web Payment Options are listed below.

When asked for your PAS account number or Customer ID, please enter your six digit account number with Professional Accounts Service. This can be found on the payment coupon located at the bottom of any correspondence from our office. To insure proper credit, your account number is manditory to use either payment option.


Click question mark to locate your six digit PAS account number on your payment coupon.

If you have multiple account numbers, only the one you want your payment applied to is necessary. If you have no preference which account to apply to, simply enter the number on your coupon and the payments will be applied to your total balance owing.

Please select the button below if you wish to pay your account by ACH (check) with an checking or savings account.


If you wish to pay by Credit Card, please select the button below. Debit cards are not accepted, please use ACH button above if you wish to use a checking or savings account. Your must enter your six digit PAS account number when requested for 'Customer ID'.